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Dubrovnik in 2018
01. March 2018.

Dubrovnik in 2018

Birds flying high…sun in the sky…breeze drifting on by…this you can expect on most days here in Dubrovnik. 2018 shouldn’t be different in that matter. Nevertheless, a new year means...
There's something about Dubrovnik
28. February 2018.

There's something about Dubrovnik

This coastal town in the very south of Croatia, located between rocky mountains of the Dinaric Alps and crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea, attracts people from all over the world....
What about us?
28. February 2018.

What about us?

This blog feeds our visitors with news and stories about Dubrovnik. Sometimes it can be just the weather forecast, sometimes we give you advices where to go and what to do, or sometimes...

Book a Dubrovnik tourist guide for a magical experience

Located on the Southern tip of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik weaves a unique spell with its combination of elegant architecture, cosmopolitan beaches, great places to eat and shop, and fascinating history. In recent decades its visitors have included a swarm of A-list celebrities. And its renown has only increased since it has become a filming location for movies and TV shows like Star Wars and Game of Thrones. We specialise in arranging tours by well-informed locals in Dubrovnik that will make your time in this gem of a town even more magical. Together, our staff has many years of experience in tourism, and you can count on your travel guide to be friendly, articulate and steeped in the kind of local knowledge that will take your visit to another level. Read on to find out what to expect when you spend a few hours with ACCESS Dubrovnik.


Why visit Dubrovnik?

The heart of Dubrovnik is its old town. A beautifully preserved walled city, surrounded by battlements erected over several centuries. Six metres deep in some places, the walls are dotted with forts looking out to both sea and land. Within, baroque churches and grand palaces speak of the splendour of a town that was once a wealthy republic in its own right. Compact and mainly pedestrianised, it is perfectly suited for exploring with your Dubrovnik tourist guide, as you wander past quaint limestone houses with shuttered windows, along narrow alleys and up flights of time-weathered stone steps.

While you're in the old town, you'll definitely want to check out the Rector's Palace, with its cultural history museum crammed with opulent antiques. Or head to the old pharmacy in the local Franciscan monastery which sells a rejuvenating face cream based on an ancient secret formula. Outside the town walls, you can relax in the gauzy shade of a four-poster recliner on Banje beeach, with cocktails and snacks. Or take the ten minute ferry ride to Lokrem, a small island covered in a dense forest of oak and ash which is home to the picturesque ruins of a Benedictine monastery, as well as some popular swimming spots. And as the sun sets, what better way to wrap things up than to catch a cable car to the top of Mount Srd, the perfect place to grab a jaw-dropping selfie?


Private tours with your Dubrovnik tourist guide

Lasting between 90 minutes and two hours and designed for small groups of up to six people, we offer a selection of walking tours of the old town suitable for all the family. Learn about the past on our Classic History Tour, or turbulent events from more recent times in Dubrovik's War Story. Or go for a stroll around the old battlements, enjoying stupendous views of the sparkling Adriatic and the town skyline.

Meanwhile on our Game of Thrones tours, you'll see first-hand how the town was transformed into King's Landing, and you can visit other local sites of interest too. For real aficionados, our ultimate experience is a seven hour tour that takes you to all of the main local filming locations used in the hit TV show. Your Dubrovnik tourist guide is sure to be treasure trove of stories about what went on behind the scenes on this stellar production.


Dubrovnik tourist guide public outings

We also cater to larger groups with an equally attractive range of public walking tours and Game of Thrones experiences. Take in the town landmarks. Explore sites used to bring to life the fantasy world of George R.R. Martin's imagination. Or enjoy a mix of fantasy and history in our great value two for one combi tour.


Day trips and shore excursions

Dubrovnik attracts many visitors travelling by cruise liner. That's why we have organised several tours especially tailored to travellers arriving by boat. We'll collect you from the port and drop you off again by the end of the day, and in between we'll ensure that you make the most of every minute of your time on shore. Whether you're more interested in seeing key backdrops from Game of Thrones or you just want to take in the main sites, these five hour tours allow plenty of scope for a thorough immersion in the town that Lord Byron once called the “pearl of the Adriatic”.




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