Data Protection

How we use your data

ACCESS Dubrovnik respects the privacy of the users and website visitors. Only willingly provided personal information will be used to realize the desired service and to send notifications and information pertaining to your tour or excursion. We promise not to sell, publish or give this information to the third party in any way other than as stated in this provision.

Your personal data are required only for the purchase of a tour or excursion, so as to be able to register your payment to your name and send you all the information on the service. Your personal data will be available to the third party only if that is necessary to realize the tour purchased through our website.

Protected personal data

Your personal data, i.e. buyer information (such as names, addresses, phone numbers etc.) and the data of other service users (such as children's names or birth dates) will be required only when you purchase a tour service, so that we can register the payment to your name, and send you all the information on the tour. Your personal data will be forwarded to third parties only when this is necessary to realize tour services and only to the provider of a tour, if ACCESS Dubrovnik is not the provider.

The personal data will not be available to the third party if they are not necessary to organize the tour service, unless it is required by law.

By purchasing a tour you accept to put your personal data at disposal of ACCESS Dubrovnik and you allow them to use your data in order to protect your interests in all business you negotiate with ACCESS Dubrovnik.


Credit Cards data and personal accounts data are not available to the company ACCESS Dubrovnik, but exclusively to the billing service provider and as such are protected by the security protocols used by the billing service provider. More on confidentiality and security of your data while conducting payment can be found at: Terms of Purchase and PayPal security protocols. 

The buyer data will not be available to third parties unless they are essential to realize the tour or excursion, except when this is required by law. Hereby we ask you to inform us by contacting our e-mail address info@accessdubrovnik.com, if there should be a change to your personal data or if you have entered them erroneously.


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