Dubrovnik under siege

Between 1991 and 1995 the war in Yugoslavia had a big impact on the history of this region and the history of Europe. Pictures of Dubrovnik being sieged and shelled went around the globe. Buildings of the UNESCO world heritage were damaged and partly destroyed. But even it was very well documented, it still is an enigma for many people. 

On this tour you visit places of destruction and get a picture of how much was damaged and what are leftovers – architecturally and politically. Find out more about one of the darkest chapters in this region's history.

  • duration up to 2 hours
  • tempo moderate
  • disabled accessible
  • family kid-friendly
  • capacity maximum 30
  • licensed Dubrovnik tour guide

  • any other personal purchases and expenses (water, snacks etc.)
one person 120.00 €
each additional
person + 15.00 €
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