"Game of Thrones" Costume Special

"Game of Thrones" Cosplay Tour

This is the only „Game of Thrones“ tour in Dubrovnik where you not only visit several major filming locations, including Lokrum island, but you’ll get the chance to sit on the Iron Throne dressed as a GoT character. Be prepared for a lot of fun with epic pictures guaranteed. Are you ready to conquer King’s Landing with us? 


  • Tour only bookable until 10pm the day before departure
  • Limited to 10 people only


  • duration 4 hours
  • tempo moderate
  • disabled not accessible
  • family not kid friendly
  • capacity maximum 10
  • officially licensed tour guide
  • GoT costumes for pictures on the Iron Throne
  • a drink or lemon cake on Lokrum

  • entrance fee to Lovrijenac fortress (50 Kuna) → not charged with a valid ticket to the city walls
  • ferry to Lokrum (150 Kuna) 
  • any other personal expenses




The tour starts with a short walk to what is known in King’s Landing as Blackwater Bay. Besides witnessing a great battle in season 2 this place was the filming location for many important scenes. Next you climb up the staircase to the „Red Keep“ to enjoy a beautiful view over the Narrow Sea and the capital of Westeros. Inside this fort many secrets about the shooting of „Game of Thrones“ will be revealed. 

After this picturesque location it is time to entrance the gates and to stroll the streets of King’s Landing. Out of many locations a highlight is the staircase of the Great Sept of Bailor. Cersei’s Walk of Shame was filmed here, one of the most crucial scenes in the show. You will get an idea of what the actresses, actors and extras had to go through to make this scene happening.  

The last part of the tour is taking place on Lokrum island. Definitely one of Dubrovnik’s gems it’s located only 15 minutes away by ferry from the Old Harbor. In „Game of Thrones“ Lokrum was the setting for the City „Qarth“. A strange oasis Daenerys found shelter after getting lost in the desert in season 2. But this is not even the main reason of your visit.   

You go there because here fantasy becomes reality! Costumes, wigs, swords and other associated accessoires turn you into a GoT character. Assume the role of the „Mother of Dragons“, Jon Snow, Queen Cersei among many others. After your transformation is complete you will be welcomed to the throne room in the abandoned Benedictine monastery for the big finale - SPOILER ALERT! - you ascending the "Iron Throne" for a memorable picture! You came, saw and conquered! 

Last but not least a final tipp: After becoming the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms you should spend some quality time in your new realm. Lokrum island is the final stopp on our tour, so take your swimsuit and other useful things with you. Loads of opportunities to go swimming, cliff jumping, lazing around in a bar or enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Countless types of plants, trees and flowers as well as peacocks and rabbits all over the place making it a paradise on earth. In short: live the life of kings and queens! 

per person 48.00 €
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