"King's Landing" to "Qarth" Tour

One Tour, Two Cities, Two Continents

On this tour we take you on a trip from "King's Landing" to "Qarth". When talking about "Game of Thrones" it is often forgotten that Dubrovnik was not only a filming location for the capital of Westeros. Not far away of Old Town there is an island which provided locations to shoot the scenes for "Quarth", a city in Essos. This is the place where Daenerys Targaryen found shelter after getting lost in the Red Waste. She asks for ships to cross the Narrow Sea to Westeros, without success. Luckily your personal guide has good connections to arrange your crossing. 

  • duration up to 3 hours
  • tempo moderate
  • disabled not accessible
  • family not kid-friendly
  • capacity maximum 20
  • licensed Dubrovnik tour guide
  • ticket to fort Lovrijenac
  • ticket to Lokrum island

  • any other personal purchases and expenses (water, snacks etc.)
one person 160.00 €
each additional
person + 40.00 €
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